General Doom Info

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A: 34
S: Penile American
L: King, Portland, Oregon.
WTF: Enough lists, here’s where I go narrative on your ass.

I increasingly go by “JW”, which are not my initials, rather a well-earned nickname. I don’t use my real name online, so if you know it I hope you won’t either. “Doom” is kind of a long story, remind me to tell it some time.

I have recently returned to the ranks of the employed. Huzzah! I’m a building maintainer working at a hotel. It’s bullshit I never wanted to do, and it pays crap. I’ll learn a lot, though, if I don’t get fired.

I write, but who doesn’t, huh? I’ve completed two manuscripts, one which I’m refining for submission to markets and (like every other writer) one which if there is a merciful God who has a plan for me will never allow to be exposed to anyone. Also a screenplay which gets annually rejected by the Nicholl’s fellowship, although I’ve recently found that Sundance has an avenue for rejection as well. Awesome. You can find my writer’s blog here.

My other thing is krav maga, and self defense in general. I’ve been training at Krav Maga Portland more on than off for about two years. I think I’m a yellow belt, I’m not sure because we don’t wear them. Either way I’m in the intermediate classes. I’ll have to be dragged kicking and screaming into another test (four hours of pain, and the next test is two of those).

Okay, there’s one more thing: bars. Bars are my milieu, where I feel most comfortable and interact best with my fellow man. You can keep your museums and arenas and fields. I’ll take the bars.

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