General Doom Info

A: 42. I think. Doesn’t matter much any more.
S: Penile American
L: King, Portland, Oregon.
WTF: Enough lists, here’s where I go narrative on your ass.

I increasingly go by “JW”, which are not my initials, rather a well-earned nickname. I don’t use my real name online, so if you know it I hope you won’t either. “Doom” is kind of a long story, remind me to tell it some time.

I do office stuff at a small factory. I won’t tell you which one. I’ve learned that work and social media don’t mix. But this is the first job I’ve had in, well, ever, that I didn’t hate. So who knows?

I write, but who doesn’t, huh? I’ve completed several manuscripts and have something rolling around on Smashwords. Plus, like all writers, that first thing I finished that I hope will never be exposed to human scrutiny. Happily I don’t even know where that thing was stored.

One last thing: bars. Bars are my milieu, where I feel most comfortable and interact best with my fellow man. You can keep your museums and arenas and fields. I’ll take the bars.

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