Fast n’ Loud drinking game!

Playtesting one episode resulted in over twenty drinks (please note, that’s one individual sip) , so choose your beverage carefully. Don’t blame me for any episodes of misadventure, legal drinking age in your jurisdiction, all that jazz.


  • Says “pocket full of cash”: one drink
  • Says “do what I do best”: one drink
  • Says “Gas Monkey style”: one drink
  • Says “Can’t get there”: one drink (two drinks if someone else says it)
  • Says “interweb”: one drink
  • Rubs his hair: one drink
  • Consumes part of an adult beverage: one drink (three drinks if he seems like he’s been consuming (nudge, nudge))
  • Takes a bath at auction: two drinks
  • Wins big at an auction: finish your beverage


  • strokes his beard: one drink per incident (not per stroke)
  • insults Richard
    • season one: one drink
    • after season one: three drinks
  • asks if a car starts: one drink
  • finds a problem (yes, every time): one drink
  • drops car wisdom: two drinks
  • you realize he should have asked if the car starts: finish your beverage


  • makes fun of Gas Monkey’s name: one drink (two drinks if she says “Ass Monkey”)
  • physically assaults someone: one drink


  • says something crazy: one drink
  • says something sensible: finish the beverage


  • dances: one drink

Buyer (other than Richard)

  • suspiciously has the purchase amount in cash: two drinks


  • says they didn’t finish a car project: one drink (two drinks if they say it sadly)
  • invokes angry wife: one drink


  • bleeping: one drink per discrete bleep
  • other mechanic says two sentences in a row (interrupting Richard counts, narration doesn’t): one drink
  • girl other than Sue speaks: one drink
  • Texas Tall Tale Tourette’s: (Keagle, genuine Saskatchewan seal skin bindings): one drink
  • someone complains about the cold: one drink
  • genitalia references: one drink
  • shots of a clock: one drink
  • refusal to count money: one drink
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