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I’m leaving early…

December 31st, 2008 No comments

This is the fourth time I’ve been laid off. If you count the month or so I worked at Tin Shed. I can only think of two jobs I’ve left on my own terms, no three. If you count the two weeks and four days I worked at Portland City Grill. Wait, Elmer’s, four. Whatever. I’ve been fired twice, from SoLo and the shithole. The SoLo thing was fucked up, I barely even count that.

This job thing just doesn’t work out for me.

I started this job just as a way to not work for Target any more. If I stayed there I’d probably still have a job, but that place was a terrible fit. It was in a part of town I hate, far away from the part of town I wanted to and now do live in. And there was a very flirty nineteen year old redhead. Who had a boyfriend. And I was using maybe 1% of my education.


I don’t know how much longer I’d have stayed here anyway. At least, how long I’d have wanted to stay here. This was a supremely, I guess I can’t be surprised about unprofessional workplaces any more, but the level of general disrespect around here was astonishing. My tools would disappear, jobs assigned to me would be poached. Numbertwo gave one of my keys to the janitor because I wasn’t hear to defend them. Numbertwo was the guy who MADE our keys. And there were only three of us! It’s not like there’s any office politics.

And then there was the farting. And the bitch in the office who couldn’t be bothered to walk anywhere if she could call us to do something for her.

Instead I get a big (maybe really big) payout and unemployment bennies along with a great reason to be looking for work. Doesn’t sound like a half bad deal. Especially if I get a new job fairly soon. Before my lease is up, hopefully.

What I will miss.

Living a 5 minute walk from work. Starting work at 9:30. Maybe it’s a good thing my debt from dental work sucked up a lot of otherwise disposable income. When you can close the bar AND make it to work on time, very dangerous.

Not having to work very much. Unless Numbertwo or Boss had a wild hair up his ass. This building’s fairly new, we didn’t even have to replace any motors. And we didn’t get a proper preventative maintenance schedule up until about 5 months ago.

Reliable internet. I might have to break down and subscribe to a wifi provider.

I bet if you could chart my apparent job satisfaction based on blog entries I’d look manic-depressive. I bet that’s not too unusual.

Okay, it’s New Year’s Eve. I have no plans. If you know how to get a hold of me, hit me up.