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Work-related suspension of disbelief

September 19th, 2014 No comments

In my almost completed first week of this new job I have:

A: heard what I only knew as buzzwords used in a competent, earnest fashion.

B: watched a PowerPoint about company values that didn’t make me want to scratch my eyes out.

C. was told I didn’t need to eat lunch at my desk because missing customer calls wasn’t the end of the world.


C’mon, no work place can really function like this. What’s the catch?


A ha! It’s not just me!!

April 14th, 2011 No comments

Housekeeping calls a while ago to say there’s something wrong in a room. They call back later saying a guest is waiting on said room “… not to rush you or anything.”*

Boss responds: “Well, that’s rushing me isn’t it?”

1. Dick move, right?
2. Is he trying to be funny?

* Yes that’s a lame expression. I’d say “sorry to rush you.” which is a far less wishy washy phrase. Still, dick move.


Unhappy times are unhappy

April 5th, 2011 No comments

With Coworker on vacation the big problem is his 12 hour Saturday shift.

Yeah. Twelve hours.

Normally with two people left behind and one day to cover it’s pretty easy, just alternate. But neither Boss nor I want to work 12 fucking hours. So we’re splitting the days in half. Boss works morning, I work evening. Cool.

Except that means I have one day weekends for three weeks in a row. Actually, four because I picked up some of Coworker’s shift this past Saturday. Which is why instead of feeling excited that my humpday is past I moaning why isn’t it Thursday yet??? Fuck.

Plus, corporate changed the way we do Room PMs (which is what most of my job is). Instead of actually doing them and taking 5-6 hours per room, we’re only supposed to take 1.5 hours per room. Which means they don’t want us to actually maintain anything. Which, whatever, they’re not my rooms. But it means I’m gonna hafta pester Reservations for 2-3 rooms a day instead of 1. Fuck.

I’m going drinking.

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The happy time ends

March 31st, 2011 No comments

The last two weeks I had three day weekends. Last week because I traded with a coworker, the week before that because of my birthday.

The week before that my boss was on vacation. And just as a warmup he took the prior two Mondays off (which, since I work solo on Sundays, was like a three day weekend).

But it all comes crashing down.

This weekend is one day, the other day I traded with coworker. After that he goes on a three week vacation. Which means extra hours, if not extra days.

But you think, hey, overtime! And yeah, you’d be right except for the part where it’s worth it. I mean, I’ll take the money, but it only works out to an extra three bucks an hour. Which means it’s just more time at a place I hate doing shit I didn’t learn with the student loans I’m paying off.


The commercial real estate market needs to pick up.



Final proof: Self-teaching is bullshit

March 2nd, 2011 No comments

Yesterday in three hours I failed to achieve this.

Today, after my boss told me what tool and technique to use, I did that in a total of 48 minutes, including two trips back to the shop (via the stairs, elevator tech’s here) and talking to the dumb bitch running housekeeping today. Actual drilling time on the second hole, I shit you not: FOURTEEN SECONDS.

This is why I hate my boss.

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Back to business

October 17th, 2010 1 comment

Today is the first day on my regular schedule at the new job. It’s time for me to get back to business. When I was offered the job and roughly calculated what full time paychecks even at this shit wage would look like I went a leetle crazy. Plus I started working six days a week.

No shopping meant a lot of eating fast food. No gym time. New job has a Pepsi fountain in the break room. With Mountain Dew. Lots of calories coming in and lots of money going out. And I haven’t been writing.

No more of all that. Time to assert some fiscal and dietary responsibility. Counting calories starts today (not doing so hot), working out starts tomorrow (crappy Bally hours). I still have to figure out when I can write, tho. Most of my days I’m working noon to 8:30, which is an interesting schedule to schedule around.

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Progress and reflection

January 27th, 2010 No comments

I just realized the title kind of sounds poetic. That was unintentional.

Progress is I (soft of) found a (sort of) job. The first sort of is my temp agency actually found me the job, and the second sort of is it’s temp to hire, so I can blow it and not get hired. At which point I might be pretty well fucked. But I have several reasons to feel good about this opportunity.

I have experience and training in the field. The job itself is easy, it’s changing light bulbs, plunging toilets, futzing with the occasional door. Although the two people I interviewed with dropped hints that if I work out there might be more in store for me. The people seem pretty chill, no one sticks out as an obvious dick and most of the people seemed to be reaching out to make me feel comfortable. It’s a fairly large crew, there’s 8 including me. One of the sources of conflict at my last job, in the Pearl, was there were only three maintainers, one of who was the chief. So it was just me and Numbertwo day after day after day. Numbertwo and I get along, I’d even venture to say we’re pretty good friends. But there would be flareups occasionally, mostly because we would get sick of looking at each other. I like this situation better.

The last reason is the reflection part and it’s about blogging. I never got into diaries or journaling, I only started blogging to keep my IM friends up to date. But occasionally I’d get bored and look through old entries. That’s how I discovered that I, in fact, do NOT have a strong immune system. And it also identified a pattern with jobs. I walk in excited, I become intoxicated with the place, then I turn against it with the type of savageness normally reserved for mama bears and bored cops. All due to overwrought expectations. So this time I’m going to keep my head about me. It’s a job, in fact, it’s an audition for a job. It’s not going to change my life. Other than the paychecks and time sink.

It’s a commercial property management company downtown with one big and several smaller buildings. Details? Ask me IRL.

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I’m leaving early…

December 31st, 2008 No comments

This is the fourth time I’ve been laid off. If you count the month or so I worked at Tin Shed. I can only think of two jobs I’ve left on my own terms, no three. If you count the two weeks and four days I worked at Portland City Grill. Wait, Elmer’s, four. Whatever. I’ve been fired twice, from SoLo and the shithole. The SoLo thing was fucked up, I barely even count that.

This job thing just doesn’t work out for me.

I started this job just as a way to not work for Target any more. If I stayed there I’d probably still have a job, but that place was a terrible fit. It was in a part of town I hate, far away from the part of town I wanted to and now do live in. And there was a very flirty nineteen year old redhead. Who had a boyfriend. And I was using maybe 1% of my education.


I don’t know how much longer I’d have stayed here anyway. At least, how long I’d have wanted to stay here. This was a supremely, I guess I can’t be surprised about unprofessional workplaces any more, but the level of general disrespect around here was astonishing. My tools would disappear, jobs assigned to me would be poached. Numbertwo gave one of my keys to the janitor because I wasn’t hear to defend them. Numbertwo was the guy who MADE our keys. And there were only three of us! It’s not like there’s any office politics.

And then there was the farting. And the bitch in the office who couldn’t be bothered to walk anywhere if she could call us to do something for her.

Instead I get a big (maybe really big) payout and unemployment bennies along with a great reason to be looking for work. Doesn’t sound like a half bad deal. Especially if I get a new job fairly soon. Before my lease is up, hopefully.

What I will miss.

Living a 5 minute walk from work. Starting work at 9:30. Maybe it’s a good thing my debt from dental work sucked up a lot of otherwise disposable income. When you can close the bar AND make it to work on time, very dangerous.

Not having to work very much. Unless Numbertwo or Boss had a wild hair up his ass. This building’s fairly new, we didn’t even have to replace any motors. And we didn’t get a proper preventative maintenance schedule up until about 5 months ago.

Reliable internet. I might have to break down and subscribe to a wifi provider.

I bet if you could chart my apparent job satisfaction based on blog entries I’d look manic-depressive. I bet that’s not too unusual.

Okay, it’s New Year’s Eve. I have no plans. If you know how to get a hold of me, hit me up.

And it’s all gone…

December 29th, 2008 1 comment

The snow, I mean. Except for the larger piles and spots under cover, the snow is el disappearo. At least it is downtown. Friday it was snowy with extreme slush action. It rained at some point overnight and Saturday the streets and sidewalks were clear. Heading to work today in the rain (beautiful, beautiful rain!) there was barely a sign of winter, partially because the surviving snow is pretty brown at this point.

My apartment looks like I’d been snowed in for a week. Which I wasn’t. I went to work every day , except Christmas (including Friday, which it turns out I had off, but the heat at work is free and the internet connection is much faster and I did about the same amount of work) and did some beer-having with some people who couldn’t/weren’t working. But I used the time to pretty well thrash my place.

Job thing. January 5th is our last day in the buildings here. Still haven’t heard anything from the new company. I’m really hoping with the new year and new budgets there’s some hiring opening up. There’s not a whole lot I’m seeing and I’m not qualified for most of it. Boss has interviews lined up, but he’s got an electrical license, which is a big plus. Not to mention a (sigh) driver’s license. I’m thinking end of January. I’ll give up and (sigh) get my license at the end of January, depending on the weather. I’ve been looking since October, mid-October I think and have only found a few jobs I was even qualified for. If I could drive there would have been a lot more. My lease is up in March and if I still don’t have a job then I’ll get my CFC license (so I can buy Freon) and see about getting a job with a service company.

Apparently the owner has committed in writing to paying our 2008 bonuses, which will be pretty sweet. The office is optimistic about getting our 2009 vacation cashed out also. I’ll count the money when I see the check.

If anyone has any NYE plans, preferably ones that don’t involve a ton of money, you all probably know how to get a hold of me.

It’s official!

December 2nd, 2008 No comments

The company I work for has been fired. The company that used to manage the property (which, did I mention, I’ve already interviewed with?) is taking over again.

How Alanis Morrisette.

If you’re curious, this is the deliciously ironic possibility I suggested way back when I first blogged about my employment sitch.

Numbertwo is all pissed off because we didn’t get any more notice than 30 days. But I don’t think the building owner was sharing with anyone onsite. Either way, I’ve known for a while what was coming. Boss is pretty devastated, he’s used to flying pretty high. Uberboss, I dunno, we’ve had hints he was trying to get out of here for a while. He’ll probably land on his feet, as is usual with the higher ups.