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If you’re curious…

April 12th, 2009 3 comments

Every year someone is surprised that I observe Lent. I always hear at some point “I didn’t know you were Catholic.” and I reply that I’m not. Sometimes this draws the question of why I do it. My answer is somewhat flippant but ultimately accurate. Because I think being nailed to a tree is a shitty way to die. Hopefully no one takes it as a brush off, but it succeeds in informing people that I am a Christian while dissuading any serious religious discussion. But just in case, in brief detail (do those go together?), here’s my deal.

I’m a creationist because I don’t believe all of this just happened. No, I don’t see a conflict between that and evolution. Fundamentalism is fail.

I’m a Christian because I believe the Golden Rule is the finest philosophy in the history of thinking. Since it boils down to “don’t be a dick” I obviously struggle with this at times.

I believe we are the way God wants us to be. This clearly conflicts with some elements of the Bible (the flood in particular) but that book isn’t even internally consistent, which is one reason I’m not fundamentalist. #3 comes up a lot given the amount of time I spend in bars and/or drooling over guns. Why we’re this way is a question I can’t answer, but I suspect it’s for His entertainment.

As for the details, did the virgin birth, resurrection etc really happen? I dunno. If I believe in creation I accept the possibility the Big Dude decided to get personally involved, but I really don’t think it’s important in the end. I mostly focus on the not being a dick part. I’m working on that.

There it is. Share yourself if you feel so inclined. Don’t expect me to join in any debates, tho. I need to go find a 55 gallon drum of Mt. Dew (thank you God, for giving us caffeine!)