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Smart teacher, silly parent

January 31st, 2014 1 comment

The system described in this blog is a great one and it would be smart if it were implemented in every classroom.

The writer has some unfortunately dangerous ideas about what teachers are and do. She describes teaching as a “sacred trust” and the teacher concerned as a “love ninja”.

Purple prose aside, teaching isn’t a sacred trust, it’s a job. An important, no, critical job of possibly unrivaled sensitivity, but it’s just a job.

Systems don’t achieve anything. People do. If you built a system that requires “love ninjas” instead of “paycheck cashers” that system is doomed to fail. And schools are failing. There are bright spots where good souls doing hard work achieve greatness but these do little more than show off how bad it is everywhere else.

We’ve got to stop looking at teachers like miracle workers and start building them a support structure that realizes a lot of them are not divinely inspired to illuminate eager minds. They’re doing a job, just a job. A critical job of unparalleled sensitivity, but a job nonetheless. They’re not superheroes. Let’s stop expecting them to be.

(h/t Kari M)

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“…I think it makes sense for maturity be the goal.”

April 8th, 2009 1 comment

Streaming audio from, a bit over 15 min long.

I’m not 100% with this guy but he says some things I’ve noticed about kids getting smothered and how this generation of parents are misguided.

About maturity, which this guy describes as “the ability to take other people’s perspectives & to manage destructive feelings & to take criticism and to learn from it, to be self-observing”. I definitely see a lack of that as I go about my day, every day.

I just realized that I don’t know any parents. But I’m sure some of you do and maybe you can find a way to get them to listen to this.

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