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And it’s all gone…

December 29th, 2008 1 comment

The snow, I mean. Except for the larger piles and spots under cover, the snow is el disappearo. At least it is downtown. Friday it was snowy with extreme slush action. It rained at some point overnight and Saturday the streets and sidewalks were clear. Heading to work today in the rain (beautiful, beautiful rain!) there was barely a sign of winter, partially because the surviving snow is pretty brown at this point.

My apartment looks like I’d been snowed in for a week. Which I wasn’t. I went to work every day , except Christmas (including Friday, which it turns out I had off, but the heat at work is free and the internet connection is much faster and I did about the same amount of work) and did some beer-having with some people who couldn’t/weren’t working. But I used the time to pretty well thrash my place.

Job thing. January 5th is our last day in the buildings here. Still haven’t heard anything from the new company. I’m really hoping with the new year and new budgets there’s some hiring opening up. There’s not a whole lot I’m seeing and I’m not qualified for most of it. Boss has interviews lined up, but he’s got an electrical license, which is a big plus. Not to mention a (sigh) driver’s license. I’m thinking end of January. I’ll give up and (sigh) get my license at the end of January, depending on the weather. I’ve been looking since October, mid-October I think and have only found a few jobs I was even qualified for. If I could drive there would have been a lot more. My lease is up in March and if I still don’t have a job then I’ll get my CFC license (so I can buy Freon) and see about getting a job with a service company.

Apparently the owner has committed in writing to paying our 2008 bonuses, which will be pretty sweet. The office is optimistic about getting our 2009 vacation cashed out also. I’ll count the money when I see the check.

If anyone has any NYE plans, preferably ones that don’t involve a ton of money, you all probably know how to get a hold of me.