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Well, well, well

February 25th, 2008 1 comment

Signed my return today. Refund is gonna be good. Really good. Except my state refund is teeeny tiny. Numbertwo told me that I’m the first person he’s heard from that even got a state refund. I claim zero exemptions and even have them withhold an extra $10, but that’s only coming out of federal. I gotta see if they’ll do that for state.

Now I’m wondering what to do with this bounty (along with the 4.5 hours of overtime I got Sunday morning when some dickhead set off a fire extinguisher in one of our elevators). I had been planning on sending it off to Citibank.

But what if I just kept it?

It’d cut my balance in about half, but I’ve got more dental work coming up, I really don’t know how much. I need a root canal on a molar, then a crown for that, then we’ll see what starts hurting. Easily could be another $500-$600. So why pay down something that will just pop back up? What if I bank the money, keep saving additional money until my move out goal of April and just have a fat nut to sit on? Pay off the card over time, maybe pay for my molar work with cash. The tax rebate is coming up this Spring/Summer and I’ll have a 3 paycheck month in, um, August, so I could make fairly large credit card payments and still be sitting pretty for a while.

Maybe even put some of it into a CD or something.


And I’ve thus far successfully contained my abject lust for an iPhone. I played with one of over the weekend and it almost made me weep. I caught myself thinking “I get the iPhone now, and get retroactive birthday presents for it. That makes sense, right?”

Bad thoughts.

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