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Holy cow! (another exercise post)

July 18th, 2009 1 comment

I haven’t lifted weights in about three months. I can’t remember why I stopped, probably a Krav Maga related owie, maybe simple malaise, I dunno.

But I’m back and my focus now is less on building muscle, but on minimizing muscle loss while I’m dieting. I’m still doing the single set routine, I’ll see if I want to revise that when my goal weight is reached, or I just can’t lose any more gut. Or more probably, decide it’s not worth whatever sacrifice it’ll take. I’d like to get under 200lbs, I can’t remember the last time I weighed less than two bucks. And now, random thoughts while I’m waiting between exercises….

My stretching routine takes almost half an hour! Wow! No wonder I was having trouble finishing my workout in a reasonable time before. But it’s good stretching, so I’ll keep it.

My gut has shrunk enough that it’s noticeably easier to do leg presses. I giggle with glee shamelessly.

I want to be able to do pull ups. Why do they have to be so damn hard?

This is easier than I’d feared. A lot of atrophy happens in three months. The bench press in particular was better than anticipated. Pecs, yay!!!

Who thought up these stupid cross hatch grips? My palms are hamburger! Boo!!

Better get to the treadmill. Harry Potter this afternoon!

Okay, no treadmill. Crap. Off we go.

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January 30th, 2009 No comments

Day before yesterday I lifted weights for the first time since, um, summer? I knew I lowballed my starting weight but I wasn’t even moderately sore following, so I should probably increase even more than I’d planned.

I’ve discovered I have an inner fratboy. Wednesday was an Elite event and I was plowing through the free beer. Holy shit. Event ended at 8 and last call was announced a little before that. I had a mostly full beer that I had someone hold for me while I got another one. At the after party I spent 45 minutes looking for an ATM that I found on the way back which was right were it was described to me. Wow. Overimbibe? Maybe a little. Again I didn’t eat (although the passed apps at The Taproom looked great I’m not eating anything standing up without a bib) but I also did drink a lot. It was probably a .6 Mashup Bash rating.

The unemployment is flowing. Yay, dole! Yay!!!! If you follow me ontwitter you know that. Speaking of which, I removed my tweets from the blog. But I think I set the WP plugin to tweet when I blog, so my followers and FB friends should now be advised when I update here. If only Myspace would implement that. Wait, let me google. Nope, Myspace is still trying to duplicate the web entirely on its URL. Screw you, Rupert. And Tom.

Speaking of UI, I got a letter saying I’ve been set up with a claimant reemployment seminar thingy. Let me start by saying these things are actually (ultimately) useful. The last time I was on unemployment after the shithole I was sent to one and got set up for my back to school through that. The seminar is the gatekeeper, although I will admit the hoops to jump through were pretty onerous.

But now, I’m not going back to back to school, and the seminar is (necessarily) set up to be understood by utter morons. The thing I mostly recall from my last one was some middle aged Employment Department functionary telling us where to find public access to the internets (she wasn’t saying that to be funny, she thought internet was plural!) and someone from PCC talking about retraining opportunities. Really all of this could have been circumvented by just letting me look through the three ring binder in PCC Lady’s office. Which was what I did.

So I’m not so looking forward to this thing. Especially since the department closed their downtown office. Boo.