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December 1st, 2008 1 comment

It turns out if you go to a number of wine tastings (6, was it?), you end up drinking a lot of wine.

Saturday was pretty fuzzy by the end of the night. I reiterate, Alka-Seltzer is a drunk’s best friend.

Work sitch is still confusing. Complicated. Weird. I’m not gonna talk about it.

I’m thinking of friends. How they come and go. It’s someone’s birthday tonight and someone’s supposed to call me. I think it’s even money that someone will. No intentional slight, just, y’know, shit happens. Or doesn’t. Another friend just one day stopped returning calls, replying to e-mails. Just wasn’t there any more. I actually hadn’t even thought about him until a week or so ago when I realized he still has my copies of the LA Confidential novel and screenplay.

Because of this tendency of people to, well Stephen King said it in The Body, “Friends come and go like waiters in a restaurant.” Get close to a coworker and one day one of you just isn’t there any more. Someone gets a significant other and for various reasons doesn’t come around. People move. People die. People just stop answering the phone. So I’m not the friendest oriented person in the world, I suppose. I value my social interactions, particularly the people who communicate, but when that waiter’s shift ends and I don’t see them again. Y’know, it just happens. I’ve learned I can do only so much, I should try only so hard.

I guess this is a fitting place for a little tidbit. My dad had surgery for colon cancer, uh, week before last. He’ll need chemo. They caught it early, he’ll probably be alright. It’s somewhat telling that my paternal grandfather also (ultimately) died of colon cancer. He didn’t see a doctor until my dad browbeat him into doing so and by then it was into his liver. It’s interesting to thing that for all my bad habits (which I suppose really aren’t that bad) the pattern is set for my asshole to kill me.

I need to update my blogroll. Painfully out of date. And I might want to take a little nap. If someone calls me, it’s going to be a late night and a rough morning. Good think I have Alka-Seltzer.