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Cheater Bowl XLIX

February 1st, 2015 No comments

None of what follows is an attempt to troll.

Football is an allegory for what made America great. Not the freedom and democracy pap high school tried to feed us, but territorial aggrandizement, free use of organized violence and submission to proper authority. It’s what conquered our land and what protected the West from the Soviets (mostly alone), the Nazis (although we needed help) and the Kaiser (since the Entente Cordiale couldn’t finish the job).

This piece of crap about to begin is unfortunately an allegory for what America has become. Lackeys of the wealthy cheating to add to the gold piles of billionaires. An ignorant citizenry rife with partisans making excuses for their arbitrarily chosen side. Contrarian heckling from the peanut gallery over semantics and minutiae.

It’s gone from Patton and Bradley to Enron and Iran-Contra. Senior executives look the other so they can unconvincingly plead ignorance about the corruption conducted on their behalf.

No matter who wins today, America loses.