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This whole blog thing…

November 24th, 2008 1 comment

It’s not a vanity habit. It’s so friends that I don’t see often, or ever in person, don’t have to ask me what I’ve been up to/what’s going on/how I’ve been.

I KNOW it’s a little weird. A little millenial for most of my peeps, who are solidly gen X. Or older. HOWEVER:

First, many if not most of you know by now, I can’t remember jack unless it’s likely to end up on a Trivial Pursuit card.

Second, I really think we’ve got better ways to use face to face or IM/SMS time than recount my employment drama, or family goings on. Like insulting each other, or bouncing movie quotes/song lyrics back and forth, or checking out that chick’s ass.

So read me, willya?

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