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Breaking news!!! Steve Jobs is kind of an asshole. #att #apple

July 23rd, 2010 No comments

From this Wired article, first a few choice quotes.

“What is clear is that AT&T’s role will always be that of parsimonious gatekeeper, dictating to its customers how much data they can have and how much they’ll pay for it. It is precisely the role the company hoped to avoid, the reason that carriers long refused to give phone manufacturers and software developers the kind of influence that Apple now wields.”

I’ve always felt kinda sorry for AT&T. They’ve been my only cell carrier and I’ve never had the troubles with them that other people have reported. Since I got my iPhone (I’m still on a first gen) I’ve always blamed Apple for putting a shitty phone into the world’s best pocket computer. Even as an Apple loyalist (not fanboy), I believe all problems here can all be placed squarely on the turtlenecked d-bag in the big chair at Cupertino.

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Fucking Apple, part 3

March 31st, 2009 No comments

Apple says no iPhone nano (or netbook). The rationale makes sense, too. But people are selling cases for this product. Unless it’s not for us, unless it’s for China (that link also has news about iPhone Video).

An Apple patent application talks about a flip iPhone, or a tablet Mac. Or, since that application is old, maybe Apple’s just tying up ideas. Still, I know people who would swoon over a MacTablet, then start setting up camp outside the nearest Apple Store once they woke up.

Or it’s all bullshit and Apple’s going to blow our minds yet again. Still I’d hold off iPhone purchases if I were you, at least until summer.


You may bow (or, Fucking Apple, part 2)

March 23rd, 2009 No comments

Here I accuse Apple of trying to trick 1st Gen iPhone owners into buying 2nd Gen iPhones in advance of releasing a new, even cooler 3rd Generation iPhone.

Here is news about code in the 3.0 OS that references as yet unreleased Apple products.

It’s going to have a video camera. “Referencing a historically reliable source.”

The only thing I wonder about now is timing. OS 3.0 is spoda come out in June, I’m thinking 3rd Gen iPhone in time for Christmas shopping season.


Fucking Apple…

March 17th, 2009 No comments

Steve Jobs goes on “medical leave” and suddenly the iPhone gets MMS. Shocked? Not me. I’ve been hoping he retires to some of his weird manias subside. Like batteries the user has to pay someone to replace.

(Obvious rebuttal: Steve Jobs is a genius! You wouldn’t have had the iPhone if it wasn’t for him. Equally obvious response: Apple is a bunch of people, some of whom aren’t insane. Innovation will continue).


Some features, including MMS, won’t be available on the first-generation iPhones because the older hardware lacks support for them, said Apple during the presentation. In an accompanying statement, it also noted that “some features may not be supported by older hardware” but did not elaborate on which other iPhone 3.0 features will not be available on the original model.

Prediction 1: none of the really cool 3.0 features will work on 1st Gens.
Prediction 2: 3G (hence to be called 2nd Gen) iPhone sales will skyrocket as 1st Gen owners trade in to get stuff the iPhone OS should have had in the first fucking place.
Prediction 3: within months of this, the 3rd Gen iPhone will be announced.

Apple’s played this game before. iPods go on sale scant months before a new iPod is announced. I see what you did there!. I’ll buy a new fucking iPhone when I’m God damned good and ready to do so. Put that barrel away, you won’t be bending me over it.