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Since high-fiving strangers in traffic is at best weird

May 13th, 2014 No comments

Yesterday while driving to watch the Blazer game I ended up behind a Franz Bread triple trailer. When we got to the bakery it had to make a laborious right turn. As a person considerate to strangers and a friend of several truckers I know to hang way the fuck back and to make sure I’m not in the driver’s blind spot.

So did the bicycle rider in the bike lane next to me!!!

She had stopped right about at my passenger window and I was so pleased to see a pedaler who’s not an asshole it took a lot of willpower to not run around the car to high five her. Like I said in the title, weird, and probably condescending.


Check this cool ass shit out!

November 12th, 2011 No comments

This was at Burgerville.


Tap the Coke and you get this:


Where you can add flavored syrups. Cherry, vanilla, lime.

Okay, I’m nerding out. Still, cool ass shit at the ‘ville.


Full flop: Go see Sucker Punch

April 3rd, 2011 No comments

I stand by my earlier Tweet. Snyder is not a good director and/or writer. SP is paced like it’s two different movies, the dialogue can be pretty overwrought (not as bad as Sin City, thankfully) and it’s at times unintentionally funny.

However, I AM recommending it and I will probably see it again.

First, because I can NOT stop thinking about it. This movie has depth, like Inception type depth. I saw the trailer and thought “hot chicks with machine guns, sold.” but there’s so much more than that. For reference I point you to these links (heavy spoiler warning)…

The Story That No One is Talking About.

Women, Weapons and Self-sacrifice.

…where a self-styled “feminist brown person” raves about the movie and says:

What did I see? Not only an effective telling of a harsh story through fantastical, stylized means, but a movie in which women aren’t given agency, but take it. A movie I wish had been around when I was a teenager. A movie that made me think that girls and young women today are really lucky.

And I agree with her (on this stuff, I made the mistake of looking at her blog and, wow, what horseshit. Anyhoo.). I dunno how much of the analysis is her reading in vs Snyder’s intention but it can’t all be accidental.

Second, the action scenes are incredible. Your HD wide screen isn’t enough. The action goes from “that’s exactly how you clear a room” to video game absurdity effortlessly. Rocket drops her H&K UMP when it’s empty and pulls a flintlock pistol. Sweetpea reloads an M-4 as dexterously as Chris Shihirlis does his CAR-15 in Heat. Babydoll kills a Vulcan cannon wielding giant samurai mech/demon with a Colt 45 that has some kind of Hello Kitty baubles dangling from the lanyard ring! Chutzpah for days and it all works, even if it’s so over the top you have to laugh.

Third. Hot chicks. They’re wearing dance gear for most of the movie. Hell yes.

Fourth, well, this. Why Sucker Punch paid the price for starring kick-ass women.

Support chicks kicking ads. Shell out the bucks for Sucker Punch.

Lastly, it’s a poetic treatise on the nobility of self sacrifice. I can say no more but read the analyses linked above if you’ve seen it or fear no spoilers.

How spoiled am I by my credit union?

March 25th, 2011 No comments

It looks like I’m going to hafta eat $1.25 (so far) in ATM fees after my CU reimburses me for them.

I was actually a little angry about that until I remembered what dealing with Chase was like.

So why the fuck are you still with a bank?


I <3 my wireless headphones

March 16th, 2011 1 comment

This might be the lamest thing I’ve ever posted. But I added the “rave” category a while ago and have yet to use it. I think.


Wow, why did I wait so long to buy these mofos? I wanted them mostly because of snags and tangles. Apple seems to design their earbud cords to seek out things to get hung up on. Using my Timbuk2 was like a hippy chick wearing shorts in a field of Velcro. Snag city.

No more of that shit.

Unexpected benefits:
I can put my iPhone anywhere on my person and still listen to music.

No cord reel to fuss with! Not needing that means I can leave my headphones easily accessible in my work locker. Helpful when certain people are on shift with me.

I can change clothes at the gym without exposing myself to the occasionally tragic music playing. Why the fuck would anyone EVER play “She Likes Me For Me”???

The ear cushions are nice and cushy without being sound isolating.

And they were like sixty bucks!


Blog recommend

May 27th, 2009 No comments

This is on my blogroll, but it’s cool enough to justify a full post.

Danielle is an um, intern? Resident? I dunno, she’s a doctor learning a specialty. Her specialty is pediatrics, maybe specifically pediatric ICU (her preferred term is “pediatricious”, of course coined by a sick kid.). She mostly blogs about this (carefully de-identified, I’m sure) but some other things pop up occasionally. Her posts are occasionally funny, often sad but always awesome.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Honey Bee
In a crowded elevator headed towards the cafeteria, a mother wheeled in her profoundly disabled daughter. The little girl had tight braids in her hair, topped off by brightly colored plastic balls. She howled and giggled all sorts of guttural noises.

A little boy towards the back of the elevator pushed through the crowd and came right up to the front of her wheelchair. He cocked his head to the side and squinted.

And those of us in the elevator, watching, simultaneously took a deep breath, just imagining what uncomfortable question he might ask the mother.

Then he took his chubby little boy hand and patted the girl’s knee.

“I wike your hair-doo.”

If you didn’t get gooey right there and let go an involuntary “Awwww”, well, you failed your Voight-Kampff and you know what that means.