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May 28th, 2007 No comments

Grey’s Anatomy finished strong. I mean. Wow.


I almost gave up. The second half of this season was, at times, SO bad.

But, seriously. I don’t think Shonda could have wreaked more havoc with a bomb.


Two more weeks (and change)

May 11th, 2007 No comments

That’s how long I have left on my internship. Two weeks, plus a day to make up for the job fair and another day to make up for leaving early for interviews and coming late because of an attack of teh dumb.

Speaking of interviews I had my second interview yesterday. Met with the store manager who complained that the HR chick had asked all of the questions in “his” part of the interview process. So it was another interview of him talking and then stopping to ask if I had any questions. I hate those. I tried to jump in with responses and examples from my past but it was mostly him talking about what a great place it is to work. Which is a: his job and b: not illuminating him about me. Anyhoo there’s at least one more interview with the area manager of maintenance dude. No money was discussed at this interview, which was okay as I was really unprepared. I have a figure in my head but it’s pretty much pulled out of my ass. I need to do some research.

Hung out with Dingo for the first time in, well, fuck I don’t even know. That was cool. Been a nutso time for him, job, family, home, pretty much everything’s shaken up. I actually can’t remember the last time I hung out with him, and I haven’t hung out with any of that circle of friends since I started working at SoLo. That’s going to last through the summer.

Graduation approaching rapidly, but all post-school planning is on hold until I get this job thing sorted out. I’m also stacking up a list of movies I need to rent once I have time to watch them.

Oh, in other news, I think I’ve given up on Grey’s Anatomy. I just don’t give a shit about any of the story lines and most of the characters. I don’t care about the race for chief, I don’t care about Callie and George (Callie isn’t that attractive and treats George like shit), I’m going to miss staring at Kate Walsh. Only the Jane Doe story (and I’m about a month behind on that) is at all interesting. The why did Meredith not swim question is interesting but it’s not going anywhere (but i’m about a month behind on that). The ensemble is unwieldy and possibly beyond Shonda’s abilities to control. And I LOVE ensemble casts. Strangely I’m only intrested in listening to the podcasts to learn about writing episodically.

I’ll probably gut it out to the end of the season, hope the writers can pull it out of the mud.



November 26th, 2006 No comments

I went back to my old job today. SO GLAD I DON’T WORK THERE ANY MORE.

Also got registered for next term. I tried to sign up for two web based classes but they kicked to the wait list. Gotta find out what’s up with that.

Apart from that, DIDN’T DO SHITE!

Grey’s Anatomy was fucked up, um, well, tonight for me. Since I just watched it on ABC’s website about an hour ago. Serious intense shit. Many OMG moments.

I need a haircut. Desperately.


2-14 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

January 23rd, 2006 No comments

I got caught up on my GA tivos just in time, well, okay 3 or 4 hours in advance to actually watch this episode live.


Not a really strong episode, I thought. The theme of each episode can be pretty heavy handed sometimes and this one was an occasion where maybe it would have been wise to reel that in a tad. But the Yang/McDreamy dynamic was pretty good. I don’t think they’ve had much face to face time so far. Besides, McDreamy needs the perspective about him and Meredith and Bailey can’t deliver it all the time. If anyone’s more capable of non-offensive emotional brutality than Bailey, it’s Yang. Go her.

And there’s always the dialogue, with it’s kind of spastic pacing. Witness the dog conversation in the locker room. Rapid fire emotional sputter, then a big pause, then an outburst. Awesome.

Burke gets cooler and cooler the more we see him.
“The next time you forge my signature, let me know. Save me the trip.”
“That’s it? You’re not going to yell and say ‘dammit Grey’ and storm out?”
“I will if you want me to.”


It was also the night of the annoying women patients. Sylvie and Naomi. OMFG. How did Naomi’s husband handle it? I’m willing to bet a lot of people found Sylvie to be sweet. Me, I was hoping George would break out the ether on her, wrap her up in a carpet roll and leave her for the recycling people. But maybe I’m just a jerk.

The nurse thing. Did that just come from nowhere, pretty much? I know, not exactly, but two weeks, three tops prior to the strike? Hm. I wonder how long they’ll drag that out. Funny how Bailey and the nurses go away in the same episode. I hope that’s not a message. I think Shonda Rimes might have been a nurse. Hmmmm. I should check on that if I can find the energy.

I’ve been noticing that a large portion of my page hits come from search engines regarding Grey’s Anatomy. I guess I’d better step up to the plate on that. Since none of my friends seem to be reading this thing.



December 6th, 2005 No comments

Why can’t they make George just a little less stupid? I’ll expound on that later. If I remember.

I’m down to three shows a week I’m following. This is a good thing.

I dumped Invasion because it was developing really slowly and I just didn’t like any of the characters. Not only that, they bored me with their pettiness and stupidity. Except for Underlay. Now that is the kind of mysterious, unknown motives character that will keep someone going for an extra month when there’s nothing else really to recommend a show.

Too bad he wasn’t in a good show, eh?

Then Night Stalker. I love Kolchak reruns and I was happy when I heard it was coming back. But of course, they fucked with it. There was 99.5% less humor than in the original, they got some fey pretty boy to play Kolchak and added on some unnecessary supporting characters and mostly it was just too grim. Oh, they gave Kolchak a Dead Wife. That’s, like, the most overused, uncreative motivation since Stan Lee said they were mutants (geek check).

But damn Gabrielle Union is hot.

Anyhoo. Those are gone, so now I’m just down to Mythbusters, Grey’s Anatomy and Good Eats.