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You may bow (or, Fucking Apple, part 2)

March 23rd, 2009 No comments

Here I accuse Apple of trying to trick 1st Gen iPhone owners into buying 2nd Gen iPhones in advance of releasing a new, even cooler 3rd Generation iPhone.

Here is news about code in the 3.0 OS that references as yet unreleased Apple products.

It’s going to have a video camera. “Referencing a historically reliable source.”

The only thing I wonder about now is timing. OS 3.0 is spoda come out in June, I’m thinking 3rd Gen iPhone in time for Christmas shopping season.


Yes, Boba Fett is kind of lame

March 17th, 2009 No comments

Best Week Ever’s Most Overrated Movie Sidekicks

1. Boba Fett, “Star Wars” saga

Libraries of fan fiction and expanded universe novels, priceless action figures, amazingly detailed homemade costumes featuring working grappling hooks and jet packs, and for what?? A dude who shows up for eight seconds in “Jedi” and is immediately and very easily killed.

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