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I hate my union

April 23rd, 2012

This should be an “I hate insurance companies” rant, because I have exactly gone around a circle of all the phone numbers on the back of my benefits card. Sorry to my friends who work in insurance, but you’re spreading an evil purer and more insidious than drug dealers. Crack doesn’t pretend it likes you.

But no. This is the fault of my union’s benefits trust. First they farm everything out to different highly specialized cut rate firms. After that they suck on their own. I’ve never gotten anything but cluelessness from that 800 number. Even a simple question like “how much is this going to cost me” befuddled someone’s grandma I just got off the phone with. Actually I got off the phone with an answering machine, since when I made clear the difficulty I was having getting someone to look at a list I KNOW SOMEONE HAS she transferred me to an entirely unrelated department! Shit, Gam-Gam, sorry I took you away from your cross stitching! Why aren’t you in Florida waiting to die?

These “benefits” might suck, but at least they’re costing me $26 per week! Because my rep is also an idiot. And is old, coincidence? Well, maybe.

I always thought that unions were for shitty workers who needed protection from termination for cause. My membership in one has not changed that opinion.

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