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June 23rd, 2006

Why does anyone give a shit about Superman? He’s indestructible, where’s the drama? Unless of course you can find some plotdevicium, I mean, kryptonite. Which doesn’t seem to be that hard to get.

And, um, he’s wearing red panties. Hello. He’s a SLUT!


I’ve managed to hit the gym every day so far this week. Today will be the test. Stayed up too late last night (not doing anything, just sitting around the house), now I’m up and hafta work. It’s supposed to be hot today and work has no air conditioning in the kitchen (although there is a swamp cooler, but I’m not sure why) and a multitude of heat sources (duh!) so we’ll see how I feel after that. But then I skipped my shower this morning because I’m ostensibly going to take one at the gym. Hmmmm.

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