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Jobs my hairy ass

December 19th, 2011

The only way jobs are created is when businesses hire people.


“But Hanauer says the economy is like an ecosystem and that its lifeblood is the spending power of the middle class, not people like him [he’s a venture capitalist – JW]. He says business people spend their time fundamentally on two things: creating sales and cost containment. Or, as he puts it, “how to not create jobs.”

“The fewer jobs you can create, for the revenue you create, the more profit you make,” Hanauer says. “The only time that businesses create jobs is when middle-class consumers essentially put a gun to our heads, in the form of orders for products that we can’t make ourselves, and then we hire people and create jobs.” ‘

Every politician, pundit or shill talking about the government “creating jobs” should have this tattoo’d on their stomachs, upside down so they can read it in the shower.

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