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Unhappy times are unhappy

April 5th, 2011

With Coworker on vacation the big problem is his 12 hour Saturday shift.

Yeah. Twelve hours.

Normally with two people left behind and one day to cover it’s pretty easy, just alternate. But neither Boss nor I want to work 12 fucking hours. So we’re splitting the days in half. Boss works morning, I work evening. Cool.

Except that means I have one day weekends for three weeks in a row. Actually, four because I picked up some of Coworker’s shift this past Saturday. Which is why instead of feeling excited that my humpday is past I moaning why isn’t it Thursday yet??? Fuck.

Plus, corporate changed the way we do Room PMs (which is what most of my job is). Instead of actually doing them and taking 5-6 hours per room, we’re only supposed to take 1.5 hours per room. Which means they don’t want us to actually maintain anything. Which, whatever, they’re not my rooms. But it means I’m gonna hafta pester Reservations for 2-3 rooms a day instead of 1. Fuck.

I’m going drinking.

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