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Financial poop

May 16th, 2006

Well, getting out of Mom’s house isn’t going to be doable until I get more money.

I’m apparently not getting paid more for my prep shifts, at least my check’s not showing a second pay rate. It might be a clerical error. Might be. That’s more of a personal than a practical thing, even if I’d gotten an extra buck an hour (unlikely) it would only be $6-7/week.

Well, I could get an SRO in any of a number of welfare hotels. But, no.


I’m less than $5 short on my budget, but that’s not counting any spending money. So I would have to dip into my savings every month to sit in a studio apartment. A probably not very nice one.


In other news, the house is under attack from baby spiders. I hope we get a real winter one of these year to kill some of these fuckers off.

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