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Full flop: Go see Sucker Punch

April 3rd, 2011

I stand by my earlier Tweet. Snyder is not a good director and/or writer. SP is paced like it’s two different movies, the dialogue can be pretty overwrought (not as bad as Sin City, thankfully) and it’s at times unintentionally funny.

However, I AM recommending it and I will probably see it again.

First, because I can NOT stop thinking about it. This movie has depth, like Inception type depth. I saw the trailer and thought “hot chicks with machine guns, sold.” but there’s so much more than that. For reference I point you to these links (heavy spoiler warning)…

The Story That No One is Talking About.

Women, Weapons and Self-sacrifice.

…where a self-styled “feminist brown person” raves about the movie and says:

What did I see? Not only an effective telling of a harsh story through fantastical, stylized means, but a movie in which women aren’t given agency, but take it. A movie I wish had been around when I was a teenager. A movie that made me think that girls and young women today are really lucky.

And I agree with her (on this stuff, I made the mistake of looking at her blog and, wow, what horseshit. Anyhoo.). I dunno how much of the analysis is her reading in vs Snyder’s intention but it can’t all be accidental.

Second, the action scenes are incredible. Your HD wide screen isn’t enough. The action goes from “that’s exactly how you clear a room” to video game absurdity effortlessly. Rocket drops her H&K UMP when it’s empty and pulls a flintlock pistol. Sweetpea reloads an M-4 as dexterously as Chris Shihirlis does his CAR-15 in Heat. Babydoll kills a Vulcan cannon wielding giant samurai mech/demon with a Colt 45 that has some kind of Hello Kitty baubles dangling from the lanyard ring! Chutzpah for days and it all works, even if it’s so over the top you have to laugh.

Third. Hot chicks. They’re wearing dance gear for most of the movie. Hell yes.

Fourth, well, this. Why Sucker Punch paid the price for starring kick-ass women.

Support chicks kicking ads. Shell out the bucks for Sucker Punch.

Lastly, it’s a poetic treatise on the nobility of self sacrifice. I can say no more but read the analyses linked above if you’ve seen it or fear no spoilers.

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