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I <3 my wireless headphones

March 16th, 2011

This might be the lamest thing I’ve ever posted. But I added the “rave” category a while ago and have yet to use it. I think.


Wow, why did I wait so long to buy these mofos? I wanted them mostly because of snags and tangles. Apple seems to design their earbud cords to seek out things to get hung up on. Using my Timbuk2 was like a hippy chick wearing shorts in a field of Velcro. Snag city.

No more of that shit.

Unexpected benefits:
I can put my iPhone anywhere on my person and still listen to music.

No cord reel to fuss with! Not needing that means I can leave my headphones easily accessible in my work locker. Helpful when certain people are on shift with me.

I can change clothes at the gym without exposing myself to the occasionally tragic music playing. Why the fuck would anyone EVER play “She Likes Me For Me”???

The ear cushions are nice and cushy without being sound isolating.

And they were like sixty bucks!

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