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The Five Stages of A Job That Sucks

November 4th, 2010

1. Realization
“You mean WE have to scrub the floors??”

Despite prior indications too ridiculous to fully absorb, for the first time it is explicitly explained to you that your job sucks.

2. Anger
I did not fucking put my life on hold for three years and run up $11,000 in student loans to be a fucking janitor

The natural response to finding out your boss is the kind of dipshit who can be maneuvered into doing another department’s work instead of his own. (note: this stage is usually conducted with one’s inside voice)

3. Avoidance
“I’m gonna go work on the room next door.”

Unfortunately your boss is only a pussy to other department heads, he’s quite persistent with people under his authority.

4. Half-assery
I’ll skip step 1, and maybe I can fudge step 3.

Some people never get past this stage, in fact this stage is the entire work strategy of some people. However a reasonable person realizes that at some point it’s just easier to do your fucking job, no matter how shitty it is.

4a heavy sigh
Not a universally recognized stage, more like a gateway to stage five.

5. Resignation
“I get paid the same no matter what.”

Accept that every job you’ve ever had, and every job you’re ever gonna have, fucking sucks somehow, in some way.

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