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Workin’ agin

May 11th, 2005

Paperwork thing at the Spirit got rescheduled to tomorrow, and I have my first shift tomorrow as well, the dinner cruise ship from 3-10. If that’s typical of the shifts I can expect that will be awesome. I’d even have enough time to have a beer or two after work.

I reactivated everything at PCC. I gotta get my financial aid application in. I’m waiting on an identification thing to come from the Department of Education, that’s supposed to take a day or two. I’m probably going to have enough time to get everything through.

Right now I’m feeling sick. Started getting a sore throat last night so I started on the echniacea and the TheraFlu and apple juice. I feel better already, except a bit of medicine head. I think it’s almost time for another dose and another doze.

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