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Treading water. Mostly.

April 8th, 2010

I got a call a few days ago from the Employment Dept that I had qualified
for a new claim. Coming only a few days after I started the process I took this as a good sign. So I went to the website to do the stuff and the ran into a glitch. When I talked to a CSR it comes up that the investigation into my “discharge” hasn’t started yet.

I know, WTF? Why did they bother calling me? Right Hand says “Hey, Left Hand, what’s up?” Left Hand says “Fuck Off.” There are people who are sadly under the impression this is a thing specific to public institutions. Far from it, homies and homettes. Corporate bureaucracies are just as obtuse and inefficient.

So this makes the picture a little clearer. IF my UI is approved I WILL be on a new claim and it will NOT be enough to maintain independance. Not even close. It seems that when they count your earnings on a new claim, UI doesn’t count. Oops. So my deadline (ten days!) is in effect and UI ain’t gonna help.

I have a second interview with what would be a pretty decent job. I got the call informing me today. Someone ELSE will call “before the 15th” to schedule the interview (see? Private enterprise left/right hand action, I TOLD you!) so that won’t help the deadline.

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