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Spring Break! Wooooo!!!!!!

March 28th, 2006

Bought a live Ministry EP the other day. In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up. I had the cassette a long time ago, but not it’s on my iPod. This is the only Ministry I’ve ever owned, but the live versions of these 6 songs are far superior to the album versions I’ve heard.

My taxes are ready. Yay! I hope it’s good. *crosses fingers* I didn’t make much money last year and I had actual deductions for school expenses, so….

It’s spring break (wooo!) but I still have work and I need to save money for tuition, and I’ll still have to borrow money from my parents. So not much going on there. Except that I don’t have to go to night classes. I was really starting to drag last term once I started working and I thought for a bit that we’d get more than one week off. I’m looking forward to summer, except that I think I’m going to take classes then, too.

I’m bummed that my script writing class is over. But some of us are starting a writer’s group. Just four so far, but hopefully more will show up after spring break. Speaking of which, the instructor is a playwright and had a play starting at a local theater and a chunk of us went. I don’t think I had ever seen a play before. Not even in school. It seemed pretty good, but I suspect that I didn’t get something. I’m thinking of going back for another showing.

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