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School shmool

February 25th, 2006

Registered for most of my classes last night. My trade classes, specifically. I’m going to hit one of my approved electives, probably the one that will also fulfill the last of my general education requirement as well. But I want to talk to an advisor, first.

Might have mentioned before, to complete this degree in two years (which is pretty much the point of associate degrees) one must attend full time all eight terms. Yikes. But a good deal of the credits from the last time I attended PCCcarry over, specifically the general education component. That’s 14 credits I don’t have to take, on a 90 credit program. Pretty sweet, no? So I figure I’m going to need to take some summer classes to graduate in June of next year (when I’ll be 33, *sob*), I just need to find out how many. Hopefully just two or three, because that’s all I can afford since I’ll be out of student loan money for this year by then.

Oh, shite, I need to apply for next year, and finish my taxes! Ay yi yi.

My bike is at the shop again because: it’s still making a funny noise; I think I broke the shifter getting it into and/or out of Gloom’s car; someone decided it would be funny to walk off with the rear tire while I had it at the MAX station. Which is what happens when you leave something out. They have bike lockers at the station but whoever did the purchasing didn’t get ones that would take a bike lock, and while I was trying to find my combination lock, well, y’know. I think I might find a way to leave the bike in my real bike locker downtown. Since I’m paying for it and all.

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