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“…I think it makes sense for maturity be the goal.”

April 8th, 2009

Streaming audio from NPR.org, a bit over 15 min long.

I’m not 100% with this guy but he says some things I’ve noticed about kids getting smothered and how this generation of parents are misguided.

About maturity, which this guy describes as “the ability to take other people’s perspectives & to manage destructive feelings & to take criticism and to learn from it, to be self-observing”. I definitely see a lack of that as I go about my day, every day.

I just realized that I don’t know any parents. But I’m sure some of you do and maybe you can find a way to get them to listen to this.

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  1. Wooga
    April 8th, 2009 at 11:31 | #1

    I was watching something on tv last night (can’t remember exactly where, in my Benadryl haze maybe I imagined it) about the first generation of helicopter kids — the ones who always had mum & dad “hovering”, who got a trophy for showing up, etc — are graduating college now and have no idea how to deal with not having a job handed to them.

    On the flip side, they’ll be easy to control. Oh wait, no, that’s bad too.

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