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Cake, I tell ya!

February 12th, 2006

I think work’s gonna be easy.

First day, Wednesday, was, well, a first day. But I’ve had a number of dishwashing jobs so far and therefore it wasn’t too bad. Just some timing stuff that needs to get sorted out. Another dishwasher came on about 1300 and he’s one of these Mexican dudes that can’t bear to stand still. So he was getting in my way and generally making my last few hours at work really boring.

Friday was my first solo shift, also my first day working with my boss in the house. He seems pretty cool. He came back to put dishes away for me and once actually handled dirty dishes, which is the first time I’ve ever seen a chef/kitchen manager do that. It seemed like a pretty busy day for the restaurant but for me it was just a high steady day. Wasn’t bad at all. Toward the end of the day boss comes around and tells me i’m kicking ass, especially for a new guy and that day was really busy. Should have had two dishwashers on.

What? That’s what you call busy? No way. At the Portland City Grill we had six dishwashers on Friday and Saturday nights, all of them going balls out. One of which just handled pots and pans. On the Spirit we’d get 200-300 people dumping dishes all at once. If that’s considered a busy shift, this job is going to be no problem.

Excepting potential corporate bullshit. We’ll see about that. I have to not jump to conclusions.

Finally found out about paydays and schedules (every other Monday and Friday, respectively).

And not that this was reported here, but this week I was scheduled to work 0700-1500, not 0830-1430, and I had a Saturday shift. But boss said the Saturday wouldn’t be a regular thing and the new schedule has what he and I agreed on. So, good.

Last night wasn’t too bad, either. The other dude (Mr. Can’t Stand Still) tried to get me to take his Saturday shift but I declined. He was on until midnight-30 (I was on ’til 2200) and I’m not sure I can get home leaving Delta Park that late. I hafta spend some quality time with Tri Met soon to check on that. I’d really rather not get a weekend shift, but I can’t be surprised or resentful if I do. This is a restaurant.

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