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Teachers again.

November 18th, 2008

I’ve posted elsewhere that my school experience did not instill within me a great respect for the teaching profession. Now Obama is bringing up the merit pay thing. I think it’s an unworkable idea and the wrong way to ensure kids get good educations across the board.

Peer review, on the other hand….

Q: Why has peer review been slow to catch on?
A: Schools are run like automobile plants were six decades ago. We’re still building kids like General Motors used to build cars. They changed, and we haven’t.

I’m not saying teachers shouldn’t be paid better, but the carrot doesn’t work without the stick. Obama wants to make schools better? 1: repeal No Child Left Behind, which is a conservative attempt to destroy public education through unachievable goals. 2: make peer review mandatory for districts receiving federal funds. 3: give all teachers a raise, once they survive peer review.

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