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Finals Week: Day 1

December 12th, 2005

Took my Intro to Facilities Maintenance final today. The teacher told us he’d be there by four or so, so I ended up finishing my final an hour before the final period even began.

The final was mostly about refrigeration and electricity. I’m taking classes on those specific subjects, so I didn’t really, um, read the chapters on them when they were assigned (no homework in this class). So when I finally read them yesterday it was bad news because there was a ton of troubleshooting material. So when I came in early to ask the teacher if the troubleshooting would be covered on the final.

“Then I’m ready.”

Wasn’t much sweat. There were 5 questions out of 40 that I wasn’t sure on, but that’s still 85%, not counting the 5 short answer questions. I’m sure I got 4 of them.

Tomorrow is BA 101 and what’s supposed to be my Refrigeration final, but we took that last week so we could finish up our tubing projects this week.

Wednesday is Refrigeration Electrical.
Thursday is Math.
Friday is freedom!!!!!

And then: How you know you’re a regular:
You enter a bar.
The bartender greets you.
The bartender doesn’t ask for an order.
10-15 minutes pass (hey, I’m not going to fight to give anyone my money) during which time the bartender walks past you a half dozen times.
You finally call the bartender’s name when he’s close.
He looks t you and says: ”Fuck you, why didn’t you yell at me?”
You get a free beer.

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