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No more new math!!!

December 6th, 2005

I had my last real math class today. Thursday we’re reviewing for the final and then the final. But these are no sweat, as I think I might have detailed before. *peeks* Nope, I haven’t.

Basically, if I get a high D on the final, I’ll pull a C in the class. So, no sweat on the final. :-)

This is good, because I hate math. Math is concentrated human suffering and indignity. And I was unprepared. I took the precursor class the first time I went to PCC, which was 10 years ago. The first session of this math class I was lost. I couldn’t remember a damn thing, to the point where I asked the teacher if I was screwed (direct answer: yes). A jaunt with a tutor and I’ve been all over it ever since.

And I’m done! Yay!!!!

Fsck math, j0!

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