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December 6th, 2005

Why can’t they make George just a little less stupid? I’ll expound on that later. If I remember.

I’m down to three shows a week I’m following. This is a good thing.

I dumped Invasion because it was developing really slowly and I just didn’t like any of the characters. Not only that, they bored me with their pettiness and stupidity. Except for Underlay. Now that is the kind of mysterious, unknown motives character that will keep someone going for an extra month when there’s nothing else really to recommend a show.

Too bad he wasn’t in a good show, eh?

Then Night Stalker. I love Kolchak reruns and I was happy when I heard it was coming back. But of course, they fucked with it. There was 99.5% less humor than in the original, they got some fey pretty boy to play Kolchak and added on some unnecessary supporting characters and mostly it was just too grim. Oh, they gave Kolchak a Dead Wife. That’s, like, the most overused, uncreative motivation since Stan Lee said they were mutants (geek check).

But damn Gabrielle Union is hot.

Anyhoo. Those are gone, so now I’m just down to Mythbusters, Grey’s Anatomy and Good Eats.

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