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Real pain, fictional pain

August 6th, 2008

I had to repeat week two of the pushup challenge. But BB gave me a hint: close your eyes.

HO-LEE SHIT! She’s right. Pushups are WAY easier with your eyes closed! What kind of mindfuck is that?

How do I repay her? I get her wasted on Jameson’s & Dr Pepper’s (a good combo, esp if you like Dr Pepper and don’t like Jamesons, and there was no Coke at AC/GC), because her Scarlet O’Hara accent comes out when she’s drunk. Tee hee. And it only took three measured shots.

Then I left. I’ve never claimed to be a nice guy.

In other news, my dental adventures are on hiatus. YAY!! My insurance benefit has run out until the “year” starts over in April. What a relief. Of course if something needs to be fixed (like the spot where broken teeth won’t let me floss), I’m kinda SOL. But I waited 15 years between dental work, so what’s eight months? Wait, eight months! I used up my insurance benefit in four fucking months? Wow. No wonder my credit card payments are killing me.

I’ve been on a reading storm. Some good stuff, some bad stuff, some stuff that’s way weirder than it needs to be. For instance, I read that book that Babylon AD is based on. It’s a translation of a French novel and apparently what we call “magazines” the French call “chargers”. Which if you know guns is interesting and if you don’t, is weird and boring. I find it interesting (and it’s actually a better word for it).

Finally saw the new Batman movie. I can’t help but critique the writing when I watch a movie. It sucks. And I finally just came to the conclusion that Batman, for all his badassocity, is a pussy. Just kill the fucking Joker already. Which is not to say the movie sucked. No, no it was pretty damned awesome.

Speaking of not-super superheros, I saw the trailer for the Watchmen movie. I think I may have blogged about it (I know I reviewed it on Goodreads) but I did NOT like the Watchmen comic book. I liked the premise (“masked adventurers”) but the story was lame and the nefarious plot sucked. But I gotta tell ya, Rorschach is so much more bad ass than Batman. If you see the trailer, Rorschach is the guy in the fedora and the funny mask and the voice that says:

The world will look up and shout: Save us. And I’ll whisper: No.

Okay, he’s kind of a dick. But you’d be, too in his position.

  1. Brandon
    August 7th, 2008 at 10:52 | #1

    3 shots my ass. Per drink maybe. On top of the Negroni and the 1/2 bottle of red wine at dinner.

    p.s. On the days I’m not doing the pushups, I do the same column of numbers of situps holding my medicine ball. And yet I’ve gain weight? Weird. I don’t buy that it’s muscle gain.

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