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June 16th, 2008

The bar’s wifi is fubar’d. That blows. I may break down and get my own connection. I’m at a friend’s bar right now on the wifi.

The zoo was pretty awesome, apart from the kids and parents and poop. And the animals were mostly hiding. The tiger exhibit was empty, unless you went all the way to the left and looked to the right, then you could see part of a tiger hiding in the back. Same with the polar bears. Only one otter in the river otter pond, which was cool, otters are pretty sweet, but you need a few of them to get the full effect. The crowd I went with is already discussing another trip when the weather turns in fall. Apparently rain not only keeps the kids away, it brings the animals out.

I’m feeling pretty good about life lately. Things are coming along in various departments. The drawback is I’m bleeding savings. Due to my credit card payments, due to my dental work. I just deleted a bunch of detail that you probably don’t care about. You’re welcome. Good financial news is I’m getting 3 paychecks in August. And if I get my “Christmas” bonus any time before Spring, that’ll help tremendously. Until then I just have to stay responsibleish.

And I took today off work. Oh, yeah.

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