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Bit of a rough day

January 17th, 2008

Had to get up early for yet another dentist appointment.

Got out of the house late, had to try to rush to the bus stop without falling on any ice.

FORGOT MY FUCKING iPOD. Had to listen to stupid chatty people.

Dentist appointment, drill, drill, drill, fill, fill, fill, bite down on this wad of what feels like used bubble gum. Come back in two weeks for your permanent crowns.

The tooth that’s hurting now, it needs a specialist.

Put $936 on MasterCard. (oops)

Gums hurt. Debate blowing off work.

Stay at work. Deal with crazy boss and annoying tenants.

Spend an hour fucking with a tampon machine.

Eat some underwhelming mac n cheese (shoulda had the pad thai again)

Some dumbass puts toilet paper down a urinal.

Have a few drinks, don’t run into anyone I know (booo!)

Buy a spare set of headphones so I can listen to my iBook when I forget my iPod.

Redeeming qualities of today:
The near-grand on The Card doesn’t necessarily set back my move out date. The finances charges on that will be about $15/mo. I really don’t know how they calculate my minimum payment. I might want to put a paycheck into the credit card after I get the money saved before I actually jump. Everything depends on the size of my refund. And hopefully I had enough dental expenses last year to get some tax deductions.

Tomorrow is payday and W2 day. That’s one down, two to go (the thought of having a single W2 is yay). Also the beginning of saving move in money.

I get Monday off as a paid holiday! As the new guy I figured to work every hoiiday except the big 6.

Made a stride in figuring out how to manage the hairstyle Shannon gave me.

The t-shirt I just bought came in today. Yay!!!!

In other news:
Man, my Flickr is sadly neglected. I need to take more pictures.

  1. jess
    March 9th, 2008 at 03:05 | #1

    okay i’m sorry, but it’s amusing that you had to work on a tampon machine :) sad day. and speaking of mac n cheese…whenever i eat some, i think of you, and how you’ve talked about homemade mac n cheese and how good it is, and i’ve never had it. that’s all :)

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