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January 11th, 2008

I’m strongly leaning toward not paying off my credit card before I move.

CNN has a pretty good debt reduction calculator.

To pay off my card at the $1200 a month I’ve been sending Citibank will take three months. If I disregard the dental work I’ve had done and will have done (which was my plan) that still puts me at two months. And it’ll take me three more months to save up my anticipated move in costs and a good cushion of money. Which puts me into moving sometime in June.

If I cut back to about $200 a month, it’ll take me a less than a year and a half to pay off the card and cost less than $300 in interest. And I’ll be ready to start apartment hunting in earnest at the end of March.

It’ll cost me about $40 a week spending money, which was really the reason I wanted to wait. But I’ll still have plenty of cash, especially if I find a roommate.

I’m not 100% sure about this, I’d say I’m 80%. It depends on what my tax refund will look like. But for the time being I’m switching to putting most of my money in my savings account. If I change my mind it’s a few clicks of a mouse to send it to the credit card folks.

In other news, a day or two ago I was helping some guys haul glass doors out of a vacant space and one of them exploded in my hands. The people who make safety glass really know what they’re doing. I was holding the thing in the air when it collapsed under its own weight and my worst cut is a scratch less than an inch long. I wish I had a ruler here, but really, it’s a small cut. I counted 17 cuts altogether but most of them didn’t even bleed. Ahh, the excitement of engineer buildings.

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