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Booties and birthdays and bears, oh my

December 16th, 2007

The “official” company Christmas party was way more fun than the first Christmas party at the boss’ house. The Boss’ party had better food, not that the food at the company party was bad, it was good food. But there was no mammal. It was mostly shrimp, which I guess is a Chart House thing. The Boss had prime rib. Mmmmmm.

I got the booties last night, way even more awesome than I had thought. I got them about 6pm and wore them for the rest of the night, which was to about, um, I caught a bus at 11:45. They didn’t slip once. That was the biggest problem with the old booties, the toes would slip off if I walked just about any distance. Now that I’ve got those and my tooth is fixed, I don’t have much of an excuse to not ride my bike to work. So I’ll hafta find another one. Maybe I’ll wait until this cough goes away.

Last night was also my barberess’s birthday. Hope you’re enjoying the hangover, Shannon.

I thought I blogged about the Golden Compass, but I don’t see it. I thought the writing was pretty bad, but the casting was spot on. The girl who played Lyra was perfect. The panserbjorne were bitchin’. The atheism angle was, of course, played down and I wish that people who aren’t members of the Catholic League would stop caring about what the fucking Catholic League says. I want to see it again freed of expectations. Overall I have to say I was disappointed, though. Because of the writing. But if you’re not a person who writes, or reads, screenplays, you’ll probably be entertained.

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