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Any Given Monday

December 10th, 2007

The cycling pants were too tight. Hopefully by this weekend I’ll have the size I actually need. I did confirm that when I get a pair that fit, they will be super duper awesome. And the booties suck zero ass.

The Christmas party was, well, meh. Food was good, the crowd was too nouveau riche for me. It was in Lake Oswego, after all. So I spent most of the time in the back patio smoking cigars with the people I work with an the guy from school at the old building who told me about this job.

Wednesday is a work Christmas dinner. I’m not one to turn down free food, so of course I’m going. I also have my first dental cleaning in who knows how many years that day and the next, root canals! I’m strongly leaning toward not going to work after. And of course, this will add to my credit card balance.


I have to admit I was disappointed in The Golden Compass. The writing was pretty mediocre and the movie felt rushed. Fortunately the casting was spot on. All the major characters were perfectly rendered. I’m going to check it out again.

I haven’t been getting any kind of activity. I’ve been fighting off some kind of bug so I haven’t gone to krav (grappling while coughing? Bad.), I’ve been skipping the gym to get home early for sleeping and riding my bike dries out my broken tooth and makes it owie. But that’s going away this week. So yay.

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