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I didn’t even have to use my AK…

August 29th, 2007

This morning I weight 208.5 lbs, which means I’ve not lost about 12 pounds since I started my diet. Furthermore my waist line was just under 40 inches. And some people wonder why I call myself fat. 40″ (101cm) waistline?

Ride to work was easy and still made it in plenty of time. Got a shitload of work done. The flirty chick with a boyfriend wasn’t on. I found the bad ass LED flashlight I thought I’d lost at work. Just hours after I ordered one to use at work.

I felt like I did really well in krav maga tonight. It helped that it was mostly stuff I’d done before, but I’ll take it anyway. And one of the more advanced students I hadn’t seen since I switched from Sundays told me that I looked like I’d lost weight. That he, in fact, took a moment to recognize me.

The hell with it I’ll say it. Squee!! Now I just need some chicks to say that.

Friday is payday. And it’s one of those magical third pay periods in a month. And I have Labor Day off. Paid.

Yes, it’s a good day. Even though it was 97 (36°C) freakin’ °.

On the way home from krav maga I in one fell swoop cut a bit over 2,600 words out of my manuscript. Yikes. Revisions, they can be harsh.

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