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March 7th, 2007

Last Saturday we were shorthanded for our club night. Being a moron I volunteered to stay and help out.


Term’s almost over, which makes me full of yay. I’m already done with my PLC class. The final is a project and since none of us have PLCs at home (actually two students apparently do. Weird) we get several weeks of class time to work on it. And I already finished it.

Next term is still up in the air. I only know I have to take a class about the electric systems of motors and my internship, which is 8 credits. Speaking of the internship, plan A seems to be out the window. I was going to go to a former boss’ place, but apparently she doesn’t want me working under her. Which I really can’t blame her for. She referred me to the her boss then, which is her boss again now. Anyway. If this doesn’t work out I have other options. I mean, who’s going to turn down free labor?

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