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March 1st, 2007

Another busy bike day. 15.65 miles. I rode to my CPA’s office, then downtown on the Springwater Corridor.

On this ride I realized that there’s really no reason to be excited about the Springwater Corridor unless you need to transit southeast Portland. Which, sucks to be you if that’s the case. Seriously, the distance from the outlet of the Springwater to downtown is not quite the distance from my house to downtown and that doens’t include the actual Corridor itself. The trail is asphalt but it’s not in great shape, most of it isn’t particularly pretty and it doesn’t lead to a real destination on either end (Sellwood’s nice, but I rarely need to go there, and I’ve biked to Acropolis from my house exactly once).

I still went to the gym for weights but didn’t do any treadmilling.

Trip to the CPA was nice. Paying him not so much but seeing my refund amount was very cool. The workout was also good. I tweaked my form on a few exercises and could feel the difference right away.

Needless to say, I didn’t ride my bike to school from downtown. I haven’t been lately, the normal route just sucks. I need to find a better one and I’d probably ride more often. It’s only about a 20 minute ride, but it’s just ugly and high traffic. I have to deal with crossing Broadway which isn’t fun, either.

School itself was meh. I’ve taken all the interesting classes, I think.

Lent is going well. Haven’t caved on the no pop thing, which is good. I found a lemon-lime fizzy water that tastes exactly like 7-Up. Which is cool I guess but I’m not a fan of the clear pop. Except Crystal Pepsi. I loved that stuff.

School. Meh. I’ve taken all the interesting classes I’m going to take, I think.

Oh, more about the bicycling. I seriously need to work on hills. This means for starters I have to revert to my original downtown route, the one that goes over part of Mt. Tabor. In looking at the Wikipedia article for Mt. Tabor I noticed a listing of all Portland neighborhoods and other areas. There’s a listing for the Burnside Triangle and the article actually says it’s a.k.a. Vaseline Alley. Wow. Go Wikipedia.

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