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February 21st, 2007

Yesterday I rode 17.2 miles.

I rode from Lents to Hollywood/

I found out I could get a new unlocked phone with camera and bluetooth for about $150 and a used camera phone for about $80.

I turned my camera in to a camera fixing place, who said they’d have news for me by Friday. Probably. (sad doom face goes here)

On the way from from Hollywood to downtown, I saw my bike computer said I’d ridden 10 miles and thought “Y’know, I really don’t need to go to the gym today.” and rode to school.

*huff, puff*

I’ve decided to give up pop for Lent. It’s already hard. The conditions are:
1: no carbonated soft drinks from now until Easter
a: unless it’s with a meal and there are no other options
2: carbonated energy drinks do not count because I don’t sit at the computer/TV and slurp down four of them
3: fruit flavored carbonated water does not count, because it’s freakin’ water!

I’m up way hella earlier than normal and probably 15-20 minutes from leaving the house. This is a good thing. I actually got to school at 3ish yesterday, which gave me some time to write before class. Double good.

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