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Ay yi yi

December 11th, 2006

Work was a fucking nightmare this weekend. It was typically busy in the bar, but we only had one bartender because we needed two upstairs for a birthday party. We need to fence off Lake Oswego to keep the nouveau riche inside. Seriously. It was some Lake No chick’s birthday and her stupid yuppie friends trashed upstairs. The pool table will probably need to be refelted, numerous broken bottles had to be cleaned up from the patio and they were probably shitty tippers.

The funnier part was me and Chef were outside smoking and bitching about the customers and some bitch in a fur coat came storming down the steps from the other bar in our building with two of her friends begging her not to leave because the police had been called. Of course people who wear fur coats don’t have to listen to the peons who don’t, so she stormed off. Later I ran into an employee of that bar and apparently Miss Fur Coat slapped some other chick at (get this) a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. Love it.

So it was douchebags all around. I hate rich people.

Anyhoo I got pulled out of the kitchen to barback, so I made some extra money there. Our new GM and Chef asked me on Friday if I’d be willing to bus and run and barback occasionally but I didn’t get the sense they meant the next day.

It’s Finals week. I got my wiring final (written and practical) tomorrow. Should be easy. I already have the list of projects to choose from and it’s pretty easy. Just gotta take my time. Wednesday is Controls (open book, just need to make sure I did all the homework pages so I have the answers highlighted), Thursday is Psych (100 t/f questions, WTF?) and Chillers (also open book, but the questions are all taken from the homework and quizzes, so that’s all I hafta study).

Then I get three weeks off. Oh yeah. Then I get a fresh financial aid disbursal. Oh yeah.

Shit. I need to get out of bed.

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