October 6th, 2006

Rain! Rainrainrain. Yay!

Well, it’s more of a mist, somewhere between that and a very light drizzle. I rode from Mom’s to the Rose Quarter (not sure how far that is, prolly 6-ish miles) in this lovely precipitation.. I’m heading to Elmer’s to pick up my last check (several days later than the law requires, not sure yet if I’ll rat them on
that) and be free of that place.

Tonight the regular shitholer get together, in fscking Beaverton. AGAIN. I need to make sure I get out of of downtown before rush hour hits, struggling a bike off MAX on a full house is tres not fun.

So there’s this chick at the RQ MAX platform in a light fleece hoody (pink) and flip flops. Um, WEATHER REPORT silly girl.

One more thing. When I boarded, some guy was sitting SITTING in the spot where bikes hang on MAX. Stupid, real stupid. I almost brained him with my pedal.

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