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On Ghostbusters and disingenuous  feminist operators 

July 16th, 2016

(Review starts about 30 seconds in)

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“Incredibly medicore, really boring.”

Paul Feig is a talentless hack who seized on a shallow Tumblr feminism to crawl out of director’s jail. His “women can be X, too” ethos isn’t new, it isn’t interesting and as one known example, Melissa McCarthy isn’t doing anything Roseanne Barr didn’t do better twenty years ago.

Feigism doesn’t make women strong, it doesn’t make women interesting. You wanna see a movie about strong women Getting Over on The Man, go see 9 to 5. You want strong genre women? Agent fucking Scully. You want strong real world women? Check out anything on TV with Juliana Margulies (I prefer ER to The Good Wife, courtrooms bore me).

Talented people making good things who don’t need an collegiate ideology department “narrative” to boost the signal.  That’s how you make a point.

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