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Django Unchained

December 30th, 2012

Definitely a lot of stuff for lily liveried bleeding hearts to get bent out of shape about. The faint of heart or delicate of sensibilities should not click the more link.

First, I enjoyed it. It’s deeply flawed in a lot of the ways Inglourious Basterds was, though. Plus a new one. Maybe two new ones.

Tarantino is spending way too much time with Eli Roth. After a while the blood splatters just get ridiculous.

His new editor needs to learn the truth to power trick. The pacing was way off, but slow throughout.

One great thing, the trailer does NOT give the movie away. I stopped watching them after the second trailer but even then the movie was not given away. Pretty awesome.

(Fair warning here, I am not PC and I understand context, click at your own risk).

I wonder if it’s hard to find actors willing to say “nigger” that much. Although I noticed Christoph Waltz was wielding it rap style, maybe that’s an accent thing. A lot of well known actors dropped out at one point or another and I can’t help but think that must have been a problem. Every leading role says it a LOT, and many of the supporting and walk on roles. I can right now only think of two, maybe three characters who don’t say it and they’re not overburdened with dialogue in any case. Tarantino must have run a boot camp for this movie, the way Michael Mann puts his actors through shooting training. It’s much worse than Deadwood for instance (interesting trivia, there really was a guy in the period who called himself the Nigger General, oh the wacky past), and there aren’t any other slurs to spread out the shock. Oh, someone says peckerwood but that hardly has the same associated impact.

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