June 30th, 2006

Finally registered for school yesterday. The highlight of the week will probably be Psych 101 at Sylvania campus, where the hotties go. Fall term, baby, with all the 18yo girls fresh out of high school looking for an older man with experience.

Aw, yeah.

(note to self: ride bike much this summer)

I think my work schedule might return to normal next week. I hope I hope I hope.

I also got my bike back Wednesday, and, it’s not fixed. They didn’t replace the frame after all, they did something else. Something that didn’t work. So I’ll give a week then take it back.

But I did find out that the shop DOES have loaners. Homeboy kinda forgot to mention that.

  1. July 5th, 2006 at 10:24 | #1

    A) hope your bike is all better soon. i have a bike, and i never ride it. i should. B) psychology is fun, i hope you enjoy it. i’m currently taking astronomy for my last science requirement, but wishing i was in plant biology or zoology. the biology textbook has a pelican with pouch extended on the cover! it’s not fair. but, i already took biological anthropology, and this summer biol. has a 3 day lab. so, astronomy it is. C) good luck with the ladies. i’m so glad you’re you, through and through. siiiiighhhhhh. okay, no more commenting today. i’m out. cuidate.

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